Amarone harvest in boxesAmarone is a wine really well known but with a very recent history, it took its origin to a real mistake!

Amarone is the brother of sweet Recioto: both are wines made from dried grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Negrar Oseleta.

These are hand picked in September and left to dry naturally in small boxes. So the water contained in the skins evaporates and so the wines naturally concentrate.

Amarone Recito Origine

Amarone Recito Origine

In January, when we crash the grapes, the sugar concentration is very high and this is the reason Amarone is a full body wine.

The main difference between Amarone and Recioto lies in fermentation: in the Amarone all the sugar is converted into the alcohol so we get a dry, structured and alcolic red wine.

In Recioto the fermentation is stopped in the middle to get a dessert wine with a high sugary contnet.

Amarone The oring of Amarone was a mistake around 70 years ago when a winemaker forgot a  recioto barrel: here the natural yeasts sterted again the fermentation and all the Recioto sugar become alcohol. The Recioto become bitter (Amaro is the italian for bitter).

At that time it was a big mistake because historically Recioto was the most prestigious wine. And it was a big mistake because now the Amarone is really famous and well known!

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